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This document contains the General Terms and Conditions used by A.J. van Deudekom. General terms and conditions apply to our offers, agreements and legal relations, depending on the nature of the activities. Applicable are:

To removals on behalf of consumers:

the Terms and conditions in respect of Removals (AVVV 2015) and General Insurance terms and conditions for personal goods being relocated PV05;

To storage of Consumer Removal Items:

the Terms and conditions in respect of removal items placed into storage (AVBV 2015);

To handyman services:

the Terms and Conditions for the delivery of handyman services 2015 (AVHD 2015).

The AVVV 2015, AVBV 2015 and AVHD 2015 were formulated in agreement with the Dutch Consumers’ Association (Consumentenbond) within the framework of the Social and Economic Council’s Self-Regulation Coordination Group (SER Coördinatiegroep Zelfreguleringoverleg).

Download the AVVV 2015, AVBV 2015 and AVHD 2015

To commercial removals:

the Terms and Conditions for Commercial Removals (TCCR 2020), most recently adopted by the trade association: Organisation of Approved Movers and filed with the Chamber of Commerce Rotterdam under number 40413355..

Download the AVB 2020

To transport (other than removals) and other logistic activities, such as storage and transhipment and handling of goods (excluding consumer removal goods):

the Logistic Services Conditions 2014 (LSC), as filed with the District Court of Rotterdam, excluding the arbitration clause. In accordance with the clause 2.3 of the LSC, to domestic road transport in the Netherlands, the provisions of the General Transport Conditions (AVC), in the version as filed with the court registry of the district courts in Amsterdam and Rotterdam will apply, insofar as not deviated therefrom in the LSC or the agreement. To international transports the CMR Convention and in addition thereto the LSC apply.

To freight forwarding activities (having transport carried out) and customs and tax services

the Dutch Forwarding Conditions, filed with the District Courts of Amsterdam and Rotterdam, excluding the arbitration clause.

Disputes. Applicable law and competent court

All agreements are subject to Dutch law. In deviation from the provisions in the LSC and Dutch Forwarding Conditions, disputes relating to transport and other logistics activities, forwarding activities and customs and fiscal services will be settled by the competent Dutch court in Rotterdam. In the event of international carriage of goods by road, this choice of competent court is supplementary to the CMR Convention. The most recently filed version of the relevant general terms and conditions shall apply. Please find attached the relevant general terms and conditions.

Download the LSV Download the AVC Download the Nederlandse Expeditievoorwaarden

All the general terms and conditions are available for inspection at the office of A.J. van Deudekom B.V. and will also be sent to you free of charge on first request.


You can also read and download the general terms and conditions here.