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For several years now, Deudekom has been handling the hotel furnishing for our hotel projects in the Netherlands. It’s very convenient for me to have furniture, decorations and so on delivered to Deudekom’s warehouse after purchasing them from the wholesaler. When the rooms in the hotel are ready, Deudekom arranges the transport, furnishes the rooms and disposes of the waste. And our additional reason for this cooperation? Deudekom’s versatility and flexibility!

Daan Welmers, Jawel Hospitality Project Services

Hotel furnishing by Deudekom

Deudekom’s new specialty is the furnishing of new or renovated hotel rooms.
We receive the furniture and all other furnishing elements – such as safes, bathroom elements, mattresses and so on – in our hub on our client’s behalf, check the numbers and quality and store them until we actually furnish the rooms.

In the event of deviations in quantity or quality – such as damage or incorrect wrong dimensions – we report this to our client so that action can be taken against the supplier. By not storing the goods at the construction site, damage and theft are prevented, which can result in savings of up to 10%.

Logistics specialist

As a logistics specialist, we draw up a logistics plan in consultation with the client. In addition to a timeline, this plan contains a demarcation of activities (who does what). Depending on the speed of delivery and the complexity of the furnishing, we can deliver between 5 and 15 rooms per day.

Deudekom prepares ready-made packages of the furniture and all other furnishing elements for each room. On the implementation date, we deliver everything, unpack the goods, assemble or install them and dispose of the empty packaging materials. The end result is a fully furnished hotel room ready for use.

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